July 4, 2008 - Seattle

Ah... Washington on one of its rare sunny days is a beautiful state.

Lunch is on a dock on an inlet not far from Tacoma.

Ferries shuttle people to and from their island homes.
Why you'd want to be so isolated and dependant on ferries is beyond me!

Cool inlet, though.

Heading out to fish.

Charlie and his women-folk.

Jill gets a special hug.

He gives her a kiss, too, but I missed it.

Back at the Griffith's home, we prepare for a low-key evening.

It's a really cool place. See the white box on the doorstep? They have a milk delivery.
(West-coast folks are hippies, but sometimes they do neat stuff.)

Pillow fight!!

Mom's in, too.

We need more than just chicks...

Wanna play, daddy?

The pillow fight breaks down into a tickle-fest.

Charlie finally pulls dad away from the computer...

And decides to jump on him.

Up like a feather...

Down like a 35-lb 2-year-old!

Time to go outside and watch the fireworks.

Charlie keeps Jill warm...

Tomorrow: Victoria, BC