July 4, 2008 - Seattle

This year we pushed our annual trip out to Seattle to July so we could see some fireworks with Charlie.
After landing late on the 3rd (and waiting about an hour for our bags with Grim, who is always so nice to meet us at SeaTac), we get to the Griffiths' new home.
The next morning we go to a GREAT breakfast place.
Man, Michael and Amanda know good food!

Then it is down to Tacoma to the Tall Ships festival.

There are lots of boats...

...but our favorite is the US Coast Guard Eagle.

There must be an air show overhead.

The harbor is active!

Chartered and short group cruises are available on some of the ships.

The cargo plane comes back for another pass.

Cool view.

Some light reading for those interested...

F-16, in keeping with the Eagle theme.

The rigging is awe-inspiring.

Not sure why they have the snorkel gear...

What a rats nest!

I'm just glad Bill's boat never looked like that.

Charlie was a great kid the whole trip.

They're not as close as they look. Neat shot, though. Reminds me of the cheesy 80s movie, 'The Final Countdown.'

It is a busy harbor.

It is hard to tell what are clouds and what are snow-capped peaks.

That's easier..

A last shot from the Eagle and we head off to lunch and the rest of the 4th...