May 30, 2008 - Kevin's brithday (downtown ATL)

There are two events for Ali's birthday...
1) Girls' Day at the Georgian Terrace rooftop pool.
2) Dinner and dancing that night.
So, knowing it is going to be a late night, we just get a hotel room.
(Seriously, I wonder how many night's we've stayed in hotels in Atlanta.)

I like the ATL skyline. This, "the big cigarette" as I call it (I got that from Evan) doesn't look as cool in the day.

While the girl's day is at the Terrace, we stay at the Indigo, which is just out front.

While the gals are having sangria overlooking the city, Kevin and I go to the sketchy "East Atlanta Beer Fest."
It was actually a really good time, but my hands were apparently always to full to get any pictures other than this one of the parking lot (just to show how sketchy).

Back at the hotel for a quick change, we head to ECCO where Ali (the birthday girl) attacks me.
(Really, I didn't mind!)

Abs and Jill enjoy a lovely cabernet. I still remember it was a Hall (and I'm writing this webpage almost six months after the fact. It was that tasty.)

On to drinks and dancing. Kevin arranged us a VIP area in a club for which he recently underwrote insurance.
Our Kevin is a very handy feller to have around!
Caption #1: Kyle tries to entice Evan to dance. He's considering it.
Caption #2: What the hell does Christi know that I don't know. (I love that girl...)
Caption #3: I'm guessing that at this point, Evan is just not able to stand up in mixed company.

There's my hot wife!
Jill and Steve are having a good time.

The club is what I'd describe as neo-goth.
That probably isn't a style, but it works for me.
Decor is a mix of gaudy black and red S&m-goth (like the black leather couches and wallpaper) and over-the-top romantic-vamp-goth with boquets of roses imbedded in the glass bartops. The waitresses are wearing the latter goth form of black and red lacy, strappy stuff.

Go-go style dancers wear fishnets and shake what god gave 'em on platforms. They fit with the theme quite well.
However, it has a bit of money/yuppie je ne sais quoi accents here and there.
Overall, I like it.

I'm sure I met left-girl that night.
That is the dreamiest expression I'ver even caught on camera.
Ali is always so photogenic.

Kevin and Brooke get into the spirit of the club.
(I think the club was going for the romantic-vamp side of goth.)

What is with this girl and random expressions?

Caption #1: Why did you give me a Sour Patch Kid right before taking my picture?
Caption #2: Nice pose, right girl. You and Constantine will be very happy together. Caption #3: Darn it. Stick straw in mouth. Not eye. When will I learn?

Dancing still-shots are always great, since they're so out of context.
Kyle is having a good time. I'll assume Evan or someone is behind her.
Brooke is probably reloading with vodka and Red Bull to catch a second wind.

Jill dances and looks on as Becky enjoys her first night on the town since having her little boy.

Ali and Larry make a hot dance-couple.

Caption #1: In my defense, I know plenty of people who would have taken this shot.
Caption #3: In my defense, if she didn't want them photographed, she would have danced under my camera.
Caption #3: In my defense, hey, they're nice!
I'm sorry I took the shot, but I just couldn't not post it...

Becky backs it up...
Well, she asked for it!

Here we go...
(Nice greaser hair, self.)

It looks like some nice young lady is just trying to get a closer look at Kyle's shoes and I take advantage, doesn't it?
I wonder if I fell right after this was taken. It looks like we're both about to tumble. In what direction, I don't know.