May 26, 2008 - Portland

After dinner on our last evening (so technically, morning), we head to the Portland City Grill, the 30th floor of the "Big Pink Tower."

What a view...

(Interesting shop on the first floor of the Pink Tower.)

The next morning, we head over to Three Degrees Restaurant on River Place Marina.

The view was cool, but one of the neater parts was watching the folks passing by about to practice their rowing in dragon boats.

Heading back to the airport, which Conde Nast ranked as their top domestic airport.
(We disagreed, wholeheartedly.)

Last looks at Portland.

Great trip. We'd highly suggest going there. We'll go back in a few years when Georgia plays in Eugene. We'll go check out the coast, though.

Original itinerary:
5/23-26/2008 - Portland