May 25, 2008 - Portland

After dropping off our backpack in the room, we head back out toward's one of Portland's many surprises - Chinatown.

A sign welcomes you to Bill Jones' condo.

The Classical Chinese Gardens were our destination. A quick walk through the gates...

...and you arrive at a labyrinth of water- and plant-lined paths.

It is much larger that we'd've thought.

Right in the heart of downtown Portland.

Colorful pine buds.

I love the symmetry that serene ponds afford.

The building in the back right is the Tea House.

Jill and I stop in for a sampling of teas.

They're brought in a cured, but unadulturated form. Steeping them, then removing them is a delicate process that varies greatly depending on the tea served (which determines the implements provided).
It is intended to be very authentic and cultural. We'd have to ask Paul to be sure. (Perhaps Eulalia had similar enough, though more authentic experiences in Japan to compare.)

The second story of the Tea House.

Its view.

Back at the hotel for wine time.
They break out about two dozen wine bottles (of 5-6 varieties) plus some local beers.
You drink for free for an hour.
Besides being a wine-themed hotel, it is extremely pet-friendly.
These people were from the wine region in Washington, the Yakima Valley.

Dinner - and what a dinner.
This restaurant is an original, owned by the parent company of McCormick and Schmicks.

Far Niente Chardonnay (yes, it was that good that I remember it) and seafood.

Check out that dungeoness crab - over sauteed mushrooms with a buttery hollandaise. (Yes, buttery by hollandaise standards. So rich. So good.)

Tomorrow: a farewell to Portland.

Original itinerary:
5/23-26/2008 - Portland