May 25, 2008 - Portland

Day 2 started at a locally reknown breakfast place - Mother's.
Awesome. It's a must-do if you ever go to Portland. #2 on Citysearch's top breakfast places in Portland behind the original "Original Pancake House."

The inside is supposed to be your mother's over-decorated place (not exactly MY mother's). The dishes are literally recipes from all over the world and specials feature a new mother each month.

From there, we walked about a mile to the end of the Waterfront Park

to River Place Marina.

On the other side of the building in the foreground (which is where we had brunch the next day) is a row of shops. Since it was raining (or doing what we'd normally call "Seattling"), we stopped in for a coffee.

Random artwork at the coffee shop.

From our vantage point, we checked out some off the marina's occupants.

Some sort of heron preens in the rain.

Probably due to the sufficient rainfall (and not the sun), there are flowers everywhere.

We board a streetcar and take it several miles to the other end of town, through some rather quaint neighborhoods.

We walk back through an artsy area, admired the residential architecture, and stopped into a local market. (Cool produce and seafood!)

The town is full of west-coast earthy bike-riding folks. Apparently some need to be warned of streetcar tracks.

Synagogue, I think.

On our way back, we stumble upon a wine tasting room.

(OK, I knew where it was and routed accordingly. Do you blame me?)

Another unique tasting room with barrels painted by locals and local artists.

They have another private tasting room whose walls feature a local artist of the month. I loved this picture!!

The Portland skyline.

We stop off at Heathman's where a couple of very, very drunk patrons make a big scene. The waitress refused to serve them shots in favor of more mellow beverages (though not completely mellow beverages).
She came in dressed like 'who shot Lizzy' and sporting a sombrero. Everytime someone commented, she said the same line (in a beligerant voice) - "It's not a sombrero." Crazy sod.

The walk back through town to the hotel was just as scenic as the rest.

Random street.

Last night's restaurant, which was AWESOME!

Our hotel.

A couple had their wedding in the hotel. Quaint.

This girl insisted on a picture with me.
Never to disappoint my fans, I oblige. Of course, since she didn't have a camera, I had to actually do the work, too.
Odd. She didn't actually ask for a copy of the picture. Hmm...

Original itinerary:
5/23-26/2008 - Portland