May 23-24, 2008 - Portland

As Paul might say, if it's Memorial Day, it must be Portland.

We're lucky enough to be moved up front. It was a little choppy, but it suddenly totally cleared. Unreal.

We get to Portland and head to our hotel - a wine themed old place in the heart of the city. Huge room.

The next morning, we head out to the northwest along the Columbia River to a nearby series of waterfalls.

Pacific Northwest drives are awesome!

We arrive at the first of several falls.
Wahkeena Falls was actually so boring by comparison, I must have deleted the picture.

We drive past Wahkeena Falls to the Multnomah Falls Lodge for breakfast with a view!
The sunroom is on the back side and faces the falls. I recommend sitting by the fire, though, as it was cool enough to and the glare from the mist-covered window-walls in the sunroom made it to bright to see out anyway.

That's a decent height, but not quite as tall as Amicalola.

starting the walk up.
I love the mossy trees.

The base of Multnomah features the lower falls.
The spray off it and the upper falls is impressive.

We wind back and forth up switchbacks towards the top.

I think I've stuck my hand through Jill's side. That has to hurt.

About 1/4 of the way up is a bridge crossing the falls and river.

From the bridge.

Looking down.

Continuing to climb, we're treated with some cool sights, such as this rainbow.

Looking down at the river valley.

The trees look like some little kid stuck toothpics in a paper towel roll. They're so oddly, yet evenly spaced.

Nearing the top...


Now that's a gnarly tree base.

Finally at the top.

Looking down from the top of the upper falls.

I'm dying, but Jill looks as if she's hardly broken a sweat. Not fair.
(Except that I married a hot chick. That's fair.)

Heading back down.

Another rainbow.

We were a long way up there!

I like this shot.

This one, too.

We conquered Multnomah.

Original itinerary:
5/23-26/2008 - Portland