May 10, 2008 - Around The World, Day 15 - South Africa

Our last morning begins early, as normal.
It's basically been two solid weeks of waking up early, so we're used to it by now.

A quick bite as we meet our guide.

We are greeted by an elephant at sunrise...

After our safari, we have a driver take us to the local airport...

The countryside is very picturesque.


Notice anything funny about the pine tree farms?

They cut the lower limbs off the trees, presumably to make them grow taller and straighter. Brilliant.

Finally at the airport.
Pronounced EM'-pume-uh-long'-uh

The airport grounds alone are impressive.

The building is cool, too.
(The gates/waiting area and organization leave a little to be desired.)


Perhaps the strangest flavors of chips I've ever encountered.
Who is Mrs. H.S., why exactly does she have balls, and what are they supposedto taste like??

Original itinerary:
5/10/2008 - Exeter: River Lodge