May 9, 2008 - Around The World, Day 14 - Sabi Sands, South Africa

We wake up for our next morning's game drive.

We've become quite accustomed to the scenery.

Elephants have been here. The broken branches tell the tale.

Our ranger looks up a bird in her book.

This might be the tree in which baboons were just waking.

Elephants got to this tree, too.

Offroading for rhino.


Acacia bush.

After the drive, the ranger stops the rover about a mile from camp. Isaac takes Jill back to relax at the lodge while the ranger, the two nice Germans, and I have our morning nature walk back towards Exeter.
As we walk, she identifies animals, tracks, feces and other remains, etc.


Dunno. Some large animal's leg bone probably.

Warthog poo. High in calcium.

Giraffe footprint.


We stumble upon at least two elephants, so we call for backup. She's not afraid of lions or leopards. She's basically only afraid of elephants. They're so big and can travel in such large herds, that you have no control in those situations.
Isaac brings the rover and we discover about 20 elephants 100 feet from where we stopped.

Back at camp, we have breakfast, then lunch.

After lunch, Jill and I have some wine brought to our room and we hang out on our deck.

We look down at the field and river below.

A few stray elephants meander by.
Very tranquil...

Original itinerary:
5/9/2008 - Exeter: River Lodge