May 8pm, 2008 - Around The World, Day 13 - Sabi Sands, South Africa

After our morning safari, we get a private transfer from our lodge in Timbavati to our lodge at Sabi Sands.
We pass some pretty poor areas, but so much less impoverished than India.
The main difference is that land affords the people here a chance. There is vegetation, there is water, and there is space.

That said, it is very poor.

Local market.

Even the wandering cattle look happier and healthier than their Indian cousins.

Not sure what "no S-ing" is...

That's a cool bull!

As the speed limit increases, we get to see even more rural countryside.

Some houses with gardens and farms...

Out here, the houses are more house-like.

Indian rush hour.

The South African countryside keeps rolling by.

The mountains are distant, but beautiful.

We get to Exeter and are greeted by name by even the most seemingly menial of staff. The service is so amazing here!
Though Ngala set the bar high, the lodge is just as nice here.
Jill actually might have preferred this one.

The first thing we have to check out - the bathroom. What a view!
Two shower heads look out over a field and an active riverbed.

The deck is awesome! The zero horizon pool overlooks the same field. The deck has a large enough overhang so I can stay in the shade all day.
On our last afternoon, we had some wine brought in and we chilled on the deck between safaris and meals and watch animals at the river.

The landscape is very similar here, but there were a few differences. The mountains in the distance were different, but the trees and grasses were the same.

Sunset starts...

Love that tree!

Dusk in the bushveld.

The moon starts to come out...

There is it!

After the long day, we head to the main lodge for dinner and drinks.

Original itinerary:
5/8/2008 - Exeter: River Lodge