May 7, 2008 - Around The World, Day 12 - Timbavati, South Africa

As the sun comes up, we get our first glimpses of south Africa.

After a quick walk from one terminal to another, we board our South African Airlink flight.
For those counting, that is airline #5.

After an hour flight into the bush, we land at Mpumalanga Airfield.

The terminal(?)

The tower

The flight schedule

While we're waiting for our bags, we see an evil toucan.

Ah, here comes baggage claim!

Off in our private transfer to Ngala game lodge.

Entering Timbavati Reserve. "Dung Beetles Have Right of Way."

Here's our room!

This was the most welcome sight - an amazing shower!

We sit our stuff down, have a quick bite, then head out on our first game drive.

Oh - forgot to say, the rangers are packing heat. They all use .404s or higher, enough to pierce the skull of an elephant.

Scenery was awesome!

Dry river bed.

We stay out, seeing animals the whole time (and I'll post separate pages for each animal), well past sunset.

Sunset was amazing.

Toenail moon over marula trees.

We stayed out for a night drive to see some nocturnal animals, too.

Back at camp, we relax in the room and kick back some sherry and candies while we wait for dinner time.
By the time dinner rolls around, it is dark. We have to call for an armed escort to come get us to take us to dinner.
It is an open camp, so anything can walk up to camp, as you'll see later...
So, we head to the main lodge for dinner.

The boma was very inviting!

Candles everywhere!

I love the lanterns.

So did Jill...

The service was amazing, even though it looks like they were just standing around.

The wine was free, which always helps.

Original itinerary:
5/7/2008 - Ngala