May 7-10, 2008 - Around The World, Days 12-15 - Small Animals, South Africa

May 7, Timbivati
We arrive at Ngala and find a herd of warthogs looking for truffles.
They're histerical on their front knees.

We see a large solitary male later on our drive.

May 8, Timbivati
We see some baboons the next morning.

A dwarf mongoose lair, formerly a termite mound.

May 8, Sabi Sands
On our second night safari (first out of Exeter), we see lots of animals.

This is a while-tailed mongoose, largest of the species.

A black-back jackyl, one of the two species in Kruger, checks us out.

She came in for a closer look.

May 9, Sabi Sands
After breakfast at Exeter, a vervet monkey scrambles through camp and steals some fruit. The vervet is the only species in Kruger.

On our after-breakfast nature walk, we stumble upon a lone, large warthog.
He wants no part of us, but we likewise want no parts of him.

Dwarf mongoose.

A water monitor shares the road with us. (This is where we cross the river.)


A whole troop...

A male impala protects his territory.

The baboons aren't terribly concerned, though he did just chase this one off a few minutes earlier.