May 7-10, 2008 - Around The World, Days 12-15 - Hippopotomus, South Africa

May 7, Timbavati
It's a cold, misty morning and we happen upon a group of hippos hanging out in a watering hole.
It is so misty and this is early in Africa, so I'm just learning to use my camera. I get a lot of pictures, but none better than this one.

May 9, Sabi Sands
At least we get a better view on an afternoon drive from Exeter.

Confusing with the reflections on the water, but this is a least two hippos.

They're so calm as the glide through the water.

Tres hippeau.


Oh, that's a good yawn!
(I feel lucky to have gotten this. We stopped to watch about 100 antelope frolicking maybe 500 feet from the watering hole we passed wth hippos.)