May 7-10, 2008 - Around The World, Days 12-15 - Cape Buffalo, South Africa

May 7, Timbavati
On the first safari, we come upon three large male cape buffalo cooling off in a small watering hole.

He just looks smelly.

...but the flies sure love him!

May 10, Sabi Sands
This is from the last morning safari.
We came upon another lone, large male cape buffalo.
It would appear that we did not come upon him from the best angle...

That's better.

Cool head.

We sat and watched him eat, flicking off insects with his ears.

He didn't seem too concerned with us.

Hey there, mister buffalo!


His back hair is kinda nasty.
You can see how his horns are formed basically from hairs - and have been damaged in fights during his more youthful years.
All in all, we thought the cape buffalo were going to be pretty boring, but they're huge and so interesting looking that we could see how they're part of the Big Five.
(Though we still prefer giraffe and hippo.)