May 7-10, 2008 - Around The World, Days 12-15 - Avians, South Africa

Black vultures. May 7, Timbivati

The glossy starling changes from black to irredescent blue-green-purple in the sun.

A beautiful hawk, carrying some grass.

Whitebacked vulture. May 8, Sabi Sands

Bee eater birds blend so well with the leaves!

I gotta be honest, I don't know what all of these birds are...

A juvenile hawk surveys the landscape.

Guinea fowl just look stupid.

Preening southern yellow-billed hornbill.

The beak is shaped to accentuate their calls.

African hawk eagle.

May 9, Sabi Sands
magpie shrike

Blacksmith lapwings have striking eyes.

Crested barbet.

The Burchell's starling glows more blue than its glossy cousin.

African harrier hawk.

An egyptial goose oversees his pond.

The gray lourie (a.k.a. Don King) is also called the go-away-bird, since that is what his call sounds like.

We loved the lilac breasted roller. May 10, Sabi Sands

Some form of kingfisher.