May 7-10, 2008 - Around The World, Days 12-15 - Antelope, South Africa

May 7, Timbivati
We encounter several species of impala and antelope on our safaris.
This is my favorite - a kudu.

He's beautiful!

Female impala.

There are bunches of them.

An impala buck watches us to ensure we don't encroach too much on his turf (and his females).

A lone blue gnu (wildebeast) relaxes in the shade.

Why the long face?

May 8, Sabi Sands
A male water buck's horns curve oddly forward.

Oh, he sees us.

This is the female.
I wonder what the males think of this 'target.'

A rarity, a young white impala!

They're easily seen by predators, so to see one so large still alive in the wild is amazing.

So many species...
This is a male nyala. He has some white stripes that go along his body, and his horns are basically straight with a quarter twist.

Female nyala.

Another male nyala.

Female and male kudu.

Wildebeast blockade.

A herd hangs out in the road, not going anywhere for a while.

Some of the young run around.

Some are lazy.

May 9, Sabi Sands

Cool horns.

More impala.

Steenbock, full-grown, but still small. Hard to spot in the tall grass.

Back at camp, a steen bock comes up to the river to drink.

A male bushbuck, with his indicative white spots, grazes behind our camp.