May 6, 2008 - Around The World, Day 11 - Moscow

Christ the Savior Cathedral, across the picturesque Moscow River.
The Soviets destroyed it to make the largest building in the world.
When the Germans invaded, construction stopped and was never resumed.
In the 50's, they turned the foundation into the world's largest swimming pool.
It was rebuilt from 1990-1992. I find this amazing that they'd rebuild a structure like this today. I'm very impressed!

After the wild subway tour, we head to Museon, an outdoor area where all of the discarded statues go - like a stone graveyard.

We had Olga and another guide, a 70-year-old (ish) lady who spoke no English, so Olga translated.
She said this statue is "five meters taller than the Statue of Liberty."
I asked 'which Statue of Liberty' thinking maybe a replica in France or something, because...

Perhaps this will give you a frame of reference...
She really must think that the Statue of Liberty is about 10' tall.

This was neat... From one angle, it is a hexagon...

From another, it is a rectangle.

It is amazing how many people look like Lenin.

Stalin, on the other hand, is unique.

Non-Lenin (right) and Stalin (left).

There's the real Lenin - back right (I think).

More dead guys.

This dude was freaky looking... The eyes!

We were told that Russia offered this to the US as a celebration of Columbus Day one year.
When we rejected it, they changed the flag to be that of St. George's cross and called the dude Peter the Great.

(Now, come on Bill, you know you've tried to do this before...)


Jill poses with, well, never got its name. Apparently, Pinnochio is much better in its original Russian. (Ahem.)

As we leave Museon, we get a nice view of Gorky Park, which is across the street.

We rush to the airport.
Hurry up and wait.
Check out all the forms we have to fill out in addition to the one the hotel printed and signed for us, saying we indeed stayed there as planned.

Remember your Russian lesson? It is spelled phonetically.

Our first plane...

The new terminal at Charles du Gaulle.

The next plane.


It was a long flight. I think this marks the furthest south we'd ever been.
It was night or else we may have seen Kilamanjaro out our [port] window just before this shot.
All-in-all, Russia was great. I was so impressed by the architecture and how they kept everything and re-built much of what they previously destroyed.

Original itinerary:
5/6/2008 - Moscow