May 2, 2008 - Around The World, Day 7 - Ranthambore

After our morning game drive, we head back to Khem Villas for breakfast.

We were still wary of the food, but had everything that looked safe, which turned out to be quite a bit.

We had an overhead visitor...

And Jill made a friend.
We sat still enough for the squirrel to climb onto the table and have some of her leftover fruit.

The tented part of the camp.

The pond out back had water lillies and lotus.

Jill poses by the entrance to our hut.

The path down to the pond...

The flowers around the lodge made such a nice retreat from the surrounding country.

One of the thatched cottages (like ours) from behind.

On our next safari, we head down a much rockier road - and did so very fast.
We tore down this road for about 45 minutes - way too fast.
We were sore for two days after this.


Hawk in a tree. As you can see, this side of the park has a much different landscape and foliage.


There are a few pleasant spots...

...but most appeared much harsher than earlier.



Original itinerary:
5/2/2008 - Ranthambore