April 30, 2008 - Around The World, Day 5 - Tokyo

We wake up on our last day in Tokyo and head out for a good breakfast (since the hotel breakfast was outrageous).

(I considered the "MEGA MEGA MEGA" Mc-zilla, but decided on a standard old McMuffin.)

We took a long walk around town (no pictures), then ended by checking out an urban department store.
Starting with the top floor, which had plants, fish, etc - basically Japanese landscaping (including koi pond supplies).
Part of the top floor was roof access with a sodded, dog walk area.

The roof also included a shrine, presumably for employees.

Views from the train back to Narita airport.

We loved the blue tile rooves.

Farmers tending their rice patties.

I didn't get a picture of one, but several rice farmers used foot-powered 4-wheelers, most closely resembling two bicycles tethered together. Can you imagine biking through a bog all day?!?

Typical Japanese suburbia - modern 7-Elevens meet pagodas.

For Bill, we had to take a picture of authentic 'Godzilla wires.'

The Korean Lounge in Tokyo. Beer, juice, and sake.

Our next plane - China Southern.

We bid sayonara to Narita, as we head to Guangzhou (f.k.a. Canton, China).

The ground crew bid sayonara to us, too. They all kow-towed (bowed) in turn. As the front of the plane passed them, first the front guy did a full bow (bending 90 degrees), then the pee-ons behind him did the same. Then, they started waving. As the back of the plane passed, they bowed again and walked away.
Very cool.

Onboard, the seats were really nice.

This is basically our private stewardess. (I moved back so I had a window seat for takeoff because there was only one other person up front...
She was so cute. Basically spoke no English, but very accomodating.
Check out the flowers in the middle of the plane. She took these away before takeoff, but replaced them after we hit 10000 ft. She also set out every bottle of wine, liquor, juice, water, and beer (pull-tab, no less!) on this little counter. It was a very strange display, but kinda neat.

I'd had a few drinks in the lounge by this time. I just felt like taking pictures.
That is totally the way to go around the world - business class and with Platinum members (which Jill and I both are) so we have access to 12 different airline lounges.

Still clicking away... On the far right are UPS planes.

Oh - here is the assortment of beers and wines.

Looking down at the metropolis that is Tokyo.

Getting close to Fuji.

Unfortunately, we passed directly OVER Mt. Fuji or else I would have the shot. We watched it approach on the digital map in our in-seat TVs, but when we got close, we asked and eventually found out (through hand signals and rapid-fire Mandarin, after the cute stewardess asked the pilot) that we were flying over the mountain at the time.

More mountains in the range.

No pictures from the connectionor lounge in Guangzhou (CAN), but this is the hotel in India.
We had no idea what was in store. Technically, it is after midnight, but as this is the last picture before we slept for 4 hours, we'll call it April 30...

Original itinerary:
4/30/2008 - Tokyo