April 26-27, 2008 - Around The World, Days 1-2 - Tokyo

We're traveling light this time.
We don't have time to check baggage everywhere, so we pack for 4 countries and 4 climates in carry on baggage.
Though the bags only weighed 15kg and 13kg respectively, we actually OVER-PACKED a little.
I brought 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, and 2 t-shirts I never wore. Jill brought an extra dress, though she might have used it in Russia if we had the chance. We also didn't need a reserve duffel bag we packed.

Plane #1, our home for the next 14 hours.

Our first glimpse of Japan is of rice paddies,

then of cities.

Skipping the details of the movies and such, we arrive at Narita, the city/int'l airport serving Tokyo, the day after we depart, as we cross the Int'l Date Line.

The land of the rising sun...

We check in at the hotel and take a subway to Harajuku.
(Check out the street name.)

We hang out for a while and eventually take the subway back to our hotel.
Not exactly sure what this sign is intended to mean...

The main street in Ginza, back by our hotel.

An odd theme for Tokyo: super-advanced toilets.
It has shower, bedet, seat warming, and other settings. Crazy.
Of course I played, but since it wasn't a dedicated bedet, we didn't do either LeRoy clan tradition of wine chilling or feet soaking.

Jill checks out the robe in the room...
We crash this evening for an early morning (and very full day), but the trip has officially started and we arrived safely!

Original itinerary:
4/26/2008 - The trip begins...
4/27/2008 - Tokyo