When we were on the plane back, Jill and I knew it was a great trip.  
We thought we wanted to do it again, but weren't sure if it made sense to travel this way.
It was a lot like a cruise, but in the air.  Was it too much time in the air?  
Did we spend so much time in transit that we spent no time vacationing?  
What follows is what I've put together to help me answer those and other questions.
For comparison, I have approximated statistics from our recent France cruise.  
Yes, it is a very good way to travel, but it is not the most efficient.  
However, the inherent diversity of locations is unparallelled.  
Lessons Learned:  
1.  Stay closer to one line of latitude.  Going from 60 degrees North to 26 degrees South
(Russia to South Africa) took so much time and didn't make much westward progress.
2.  Go direct (and overnight).  If you connect, make one leg as long as possible.  
3.  Carrying on is critical, as is pre-arranging transportation.  This saves airport-time.
4.  Just because you have extra room in your suitcase doesn't mean you have to  
fill it.  I was guilty of this and wasn't able to bring as much back as I wanted.  
Basically, travel at 80% capacity.  
5.  This is not an inexpensive way to travel.  It is worth it, but know that going in.  
6.  End in a relaxing spot.  (Do the least relaxing early.)  
7.  It is totally worth 220k SkyMiles (each) for Business, as opposed to 160k coach.
8.  Airport lounge showers are nice.  Use them on layovers.