March 22, 2008 - Reed Park's Tol (1st birthday)

First, a few shots of our yard, since we have to walk past our yard up the street to our neighbor's place.
Uncle Wayne rescued these 'butter-and-eggs' from the LeRoy family property in Lincoln County.

They bloom so well early each spring.

Over to the Park's place, Jodie, Reed, and Jimmy pose for pictures.

For Koreans, the 1st and 60th birthdays are very special occassions.

Tradition dictates the spread - and the ritual.

You put out several items in front of the kid. Examples would be things like cash, a guitar pick, candy, a pencil, and a crayon.
Whatever the kid grabs first tells you what they'll be later in life. The pencil means a writer. The guitar pick means a musician. The crayon means arist. Cash means business. You get the point.

By now, I forgot what Reed grabbed.

I'm not sure he likes all the attention.

A quick stroll around...

...then time for family pictures.
(Insert Ayla.)

For those not taking notes, that would be (l-r) Jodie, Ayla, Reed, and Jimmy.

What a good-looking fam!