December 27, 2007 - A Very Frenchy Christmas - Day 6

The day of Vienne started off with a train ride of sorts. This train-on-tires (more like a string of golf carts) picked us up.
It was cold and windy, especially in the open-air cars.
Luckily, I was prepared. I brought a couple of bottles of red wine (Côte du Rhone, I believe) and some plastic cups.

The first stop was a church on a hill overlooking Vienne (pronounced VEE-innnn).

Looking out from the church.

Ben checks out the woodworking.

I forgot what the pillar was for. I think I was pouring myself another cup of wine.

In the center of town is an aweome example of what the Romans did in southern France.
Just next to it is a little bookstore where Jill picked up a copy of Le Ruban.

Some government building.

The Jones clan posing to prove they have no idea where they are, where they are going, or how to get there...

So the boat departs in the afternoon. We pass the time as always, playing cards, drinking red wine, and eating chocolates and such.
We arrive in Lyon late that night.
As is mostly tradition, Ben, Eulalia, Jill, and I go out to scout the town at night.
The first thing we spot is this Ferris Wheel.

Up we go.

A view of the town from the top of the ride.

Airbrushed on the side of the Ferris Wheel housing.
Well... it IS France, after all...

The only thing we have to prop the camera on is a diagonal trash can. Sorry about that.

THE meeting point in Lyon - "under the tail," meaning behind the statue of the dude on the horse.
Notice the snowflakes flying past the light.

Another, strager shot of the snowflakes...

There is artwork everywhere in southern France.

I really liked this one. That was probably the wine.

Tomorrow: more Lyon