December 26, 2007 - A Very Frenchy Christmas - Day 5

Just next to where the boat was docked is this castle,

part of which is a monument to Tournon's sons lost in WWI and WWII.

Our ship, the MS Provence.

Cool pedestrian bridge.

The town was neater than Arles. Ben and I found a wine shop that sold Syrah and Grenache by the liter. You supply the bottle. So, we filled up a 1.5L water bottle with red wine for 3 Euro! (You get what you pay for!)

Typical European winter haze.

We had dinner at a charming couple's house. Their Engish was only mildy better than Paul/my French. Paul and I ended up being primary interpreters for the group with a little help from Aunt Caroline and mom (who took French a few years earlier than P&I).
The dinner was great. The vegetables were all fresh from her garden in Arles. The best (and main) course was a traditional Provence dish that is best described as celery au gratin. Now, I hate celery. Seriously. Despise, deplore, loathe. But this was good. The vegetable was larger than a normal celery - like 3 feet long - and pale. Sure was good, though. (It was probably the quality of the cheese - no whiz or Velveeta in Provence!)

Tomorrow: Vienne