December 24, 2007 - A Very Frenchy Christmas - Day 3

On Christmas Eve, we woke up in still Avignon.
Our walking tour of the city passed quaint shoppes like this candy store...

And this farmers' market whose facade is covered with all sorts of moss and plants.



The farmers' market had a little of everything.



Veal brains...
And though not pictured, a huge variety of unusual flowers and produce.

Jill and the obligatory foreign UPS truck shot.
I think that makes like 4-5 countries we have pictures of various modes of UPS transportation.

The former papal palace of Avignon.

Since it 'only' dates back to the 14th century, it looks so new!

From the back approach, there is a cool windy alley to traverse.

Ben thought this was the exit door for guests who outstayed their welcome.
(It is about 20' up.)

Snazzy building across the courtyard from the Palais des Papes.

Inviting entrance, eh?

A look from one vantage point to the golden statue of Mary atop the palace.

Fittingly, the tour ended in a wine shop and tasting room.
That was great, because Ben, Jill, and I got to sample Chateauneuf Du Papes and Cote du Rhone Villages of all price ranges - from 7-50 Euros ($11-$80).
We got to really confirm what we had thought...
French wine sucks.
It was fun to taste them, though.

The affternoon of Christmas Eve, we sail away from the wonderful city of Avignon.

Tomorrow: Arles