December 23, 2007 - A Very Frenchy Christmas - Day 2

We wake up to our first morning on the Rhone.

Heading back into Arles, we pass the same scenery as last night.

...and arrive at the Amphitheatre.

The original entryway was several stories.

I like the look of the older part, but having a refurbished section is cool, too. It is unusual to get to see what a Roman ruin used to look like in real life.

The narrow French side streets.
(Yes, cars drive on this.)


A larger outdoor courtyard was used by the Romans for plays and such.

The French have since pillaged it for current buildings.

The main square of Arles.

Van Gogh (pronounced "Van Gog" here) spent years in Arles and produced some of his more famous works here.

Another Van GOG.

After our morning tour of Arles, we head up the Rhone, passing castles and vinyards.

And in true LeRoy fashion, playing cards.

One of the many locks on the Rhone through which we went.

The Rhone is dotted with castles and chateaux.

Our first site of Avignon.

Quintessential Avignon.

The former Papal Palace.

The bridge to nowhere.

After the WWII bombings, the French never re-built the bridge. They made it sort of a pier.

Avignon's Christmas Markets.

We got into the holiday hubub.

Carey and Jill get their picture taken with Pere Noel.

A final sight of Avignon, then we head back to dinner on our barge.

Tomorrow: More Avignon