December 16, 2007 - Christmas at Bridget and Brendan's

So, a Saturday morning in mid-December, we met mom over at Bridget and Brendan's to celebrate Christmas.

Stockings are first. Jill helps Sean with his.

Mom uncovers Kelsey's.

Kelsey seems to prefer Sean's toys...

Kelsey plays with an ornament from the Munich Christmas Market.

Sean finds a truck that growls like a tiger.

Kelsey plays with both her and Sean's ornaments.

Dad can't open the truck fast enough for Sean!

Mom's turn to open her stocking.
Kelsey wonders how mom ever did it without her help.

Sean's "TUK."

The focus. The dedication.

Kelsey draws.

Table Tiger Truck.

Brendan opens his stocking amid the chaos of Christmas.

Kelsey gets her Crayola airbrush kits. If all else fails, she can fall back to a career in t-shirts and licence plates.
(I hear Pigeon Forge is a nice place to live.)

On to the actual presents.


Sean's speechless.
(After all, he's his father's kid...)