December 2, 2007 - Munich, Day 3

Sunday starts with us taking the subway into the city.
We pass their cult-like version of Saint Nicholas.

Heather and Josh enjoy their first Starbucks in months.
(They don't have 'em in Prague.)

Marienplatz and Munich's "Christkindlmarkt," which dates back to the 14 century.

Munich's famous glockenspiel.

Naomi tries to stay warm.

Omi and Josh pose for a sweet picture.

To show some of the movement from the 12:00 (noon) show...
First the trumpeters go around...

Then come the jousters (where one actually falls back).

Then the dudes at the bottom spin around.

Josh and I enjoy our boots of spiced wine.

I love those wooden candle spinny things.
Jill and Heather enjoy their wine, too.

So on the roof of this little shop is a dead ferret.
Not sure about that...

Naomi and I dance to the sounds and songs of the Christmas Market.

More Marienplatz.

Heather and I finish off the long, long, meat of meaty love.

Jill and Heather enjoy the nearby skating rink.
We love the training bears - goofy little props for the unskilled to hang onto desperately.

Jill hangs out with a training bear.
That sums up a great trip.
The next day, the Katz were kind enough to drop us off at MUC on their way to get a visa situation straightened out.
We had a great time!