December 1, 2007 - Munich, Day 2

We wake up early Saturday morning and drive towards the Bavarian mountains.
First stop - Hohenschwangau.

Cool tower.

Looking down at the town of Schwangau.

Heather and Jill try to stay warm.

All the girls...

Great shot of Heather and Josh.

The kitchens at Schwangau.

Looking over towards Ludwig's other castle.

The town is quaint.

The castles are breathtaking.

Some Bavarian town sign.

You just can't take a good picture up close.

Josh tempts fate with his little girl's life...

Jill demonstrates a more responsible way to take a picture of a little one perched precariously on a wall.

The Katz family postcard.

The tour of Neuschwanstein starts with a few stories' worth of stairs...

Looking down at Hohenschwangau from Neuschwanstein.

The mountains are gorgeous.

Part of the throne room.

Mary's Bridge. (The road to it was closed from the snow.)

Parting shot of Neuschwanstein.

Ditto for Hohenschwangau.

At dinner in a town I forgot the name of... Tomorrow: more Munich