November 30, 2007 - Munich, Day 1

The first stop: Dachau, the original Nazi concentration camp on the then-outskirts of Munich.

While this is what you see today - and what you think of...

...THIS is how big the camp was, holding 50,000 at one point (if memory serves).

The overcast and cold day really added to the somber effect of the camp.

We couldn't imagine these quarters. You lay left-to-right as the picture is taken. People had about 4.5 feet to curl up into. Three bunks high. Wooden floors. No heat. Open-air washrooms.

Looking back at the main building from the churches/monuments.

The new Russian Orthodox memorial.

Just out of the main rectangle is the crematorium and infamous "shower room," which was capable of mass execution with Zyklon B.
There were more pictures, but this is something you have to see to even come close to comprehending.
(Then again, there really is no true understanding.)

Never again