November 3, 2007 - UGA vs. Troy - Homecoming 2007

Without fail, the week of UGA homecoming is immediately preceeded by the first true cold front of the year.
This year was no exception. Trust me; it was cold.
Kevin and Brooke meet me (and 300+ other alumni) in Athens around 6:30am.
We get out our tubas. Brooke tries one on for the first time.

We practice for an hour or so, tailgate, then head to the game.
Since Bridget and Brendan made it to this game, Kevin and I get to take Sean and Kelsey to the game.

We get a good spot for the Dawg Walk!

I shouldn't have to tell you who this is...

Since you can't see all of his face, I'll tell you this one... Knowshon Moreno.

Jill enjoys Sean while I grab a sousaphone and play a tune for the Dawg Walk.

Pregame. One of my favorite parts of football season... That's Kevin on the 15 yard line (sidelines).
I'm on the 10.
Mack McGuffey is on the 7.5.

Streching time.
Mack assumes his position (which for this warm-up happens to be under me).
Kevin made a friend - a 50-year old woman who happened to be very flexible and extremely trusting.

The flying roll-overs.
This is the most exhausting part, but we always get an applause from the Redcoat alumns on the sidelines next to us.

The team comes together.
We elect not to join, though we should get the invite any season now...

The Redcoat alums perform pregame.
OK, so our lines aren't straight. We donate, so they turn a blind eye!
As much as waking up early sucks, I love Homecoming in Athens...