October 26-27, 2007 - Montreal

The last day in Montreal, we head up to Mont Real, the city's namesake peak.

Cool view of the city.

It really is a neat view!

That's the Olympic Stadium complex, now the Biodome.

Back in the city, we take a tour of some of the buildings in the old port area.
This is one of the original buildings from Montreal, dating back to the late 1700s.
All the wood in this room was brought in from a rich resident's home in France.

Ok, this I like. See that wheel in the wall?
To turn the spit and roast your meat, you toss a dog in there. The dog runs, which turns the spit.
The problem: the dog doesn't always run at an even pace. Also, the dog might get tired and quit.
Still, a very innovative idea. I'm sure PETA loves it!

Montreal's Notre Dame.

Inside Notre Dame.

Very impressive cathedral.

That's it. We fly home to ATL. Great weekend.