October 20, 2007 - San Fran

Saturday morning, we head up to Napa through the autumn colors of the mid-Cali countryside.

First stop: Del Gotto.
Five or six quality wine samples, but no purchases.

By the way, we're travelling in style.
...and how is it that I typically travel with mostly women?!?
Lovin' it! Left to right: Jill, Heather (Palak's friend), me, Palak, and another friend of Palak. (Forgot her name.)

Second stop: Duckhorn

Six more samples - and we actually buy some really good wine here.

Third stop: Montelena

This is one of the bottles that won the 1976 taste test in France that put Napa on the map.

Montelena's grounds are exquisite.

Forth stop: Frank Family. Jill and Palak enjoy five or so more samples, incluging their famous "LPR."
(Ask us about it.)
We pick up a bottle here, too.

Enjoying Frank Family Winery.

Yountville scenery.

Fifth stop: St. Clement, where we have five or so more samples (and pick up a bottle).

We're enjoying our Napa trip!

Palak feels like a giant (or a giant smurf) compared to these toadstools.

All other wineries are closed, but our driver, Abraham, knows one place that closes an hour later...
A few more samples at the champagnery and we complete our day.

We're all feeling pretty good at this point.

Before crashing the limo home.

Heather and I rock out. No idea what song. I vaguely remember it being some obscure 80's tune...

Picture-taking after six wineries...

I was surprised to find this picture.

Still crazy...