October 19, 2007 - San Francisco

We fly into SF on Thursday night and crash at Palak's place.
She has to go to work, so we hit the city.

Funky bird.

First stop - the ports to catch a boat...

...into the bay...

...to Alcatraz.

A view of San Fran from Alcatraz.

The Agave Trail is open in the fall when it is not nesting season for several bird species that call the island home.

The buildings are in crap shape.

But the view of the city is awesome!

The first stop on the self-guided tour is where the prisoners get their rations - a set of clothes,

a shaving kit,

then a cell.

This one's fully-furnished and ready for an inmate.

The cells on "Broadway."
(Everything is nicknamed after Manhattan highlights.)

I get solitary for bad behavior.

Some sticks in the water.
The wind on the bay is brisk!

Snazzy lighthouse.

Hot wife.

More crappy buildings.

Scenes of things to come on our trip.

Heading back to the city to meet Palak for lunch.

We go to the Ferry Building to meet her for lunch, then get ready to go out that night. Sorry folks, no pictures.
Tomorrow: Napa in style!