September 22, 2007 - Tempe

On campus at Tempe.
This is The Library - a very happenin' place!

We really moved up to the bar to get a better view of the Georgia-Alabama game (Go Dawgs!), but there were other perks of being at the bar.

Oh yeah, so after the bar (and after Mikey caught that TD pass in OT), we headed to Sundevil Stadium.
Jill followed some people who had gotten their hands stamped to get back into the game (novel concept - that would NEVER work in Athens).
They realized that we didn't have tickets, but just let us in.
Very cool.

They can't sell all of their 70-something thousand seats, so they block off a couple of hundred with a banner. Strange.

So, when we made it in, Oregon State was leading something like 19-10 (after leading 19-0).

We moved up to upper-deck, 45 yard line. Seats were open everywhere.

Oregon State stopped playing.

Arizona State ended up coming back and killing the Beavers.

Alexa Serna walks off in disgust.
You gotta just feel sorry for yourself after missing an extra point to lose to LSU in OT a few years back.
Anyway, it was a good way to see a college football game for free!