September 22, 2007 - Tucson to Tempe

I had a business trip to Phoenix, so Jill and I used it as an excuse to take a long weekend vacation.
We flew into Tucson and drove up to Saguaro.

I've been to AZ a lot, but I've never seen som many saguaros.

That's a photogenic little guy there.

We stopped of at the Sonoran Desert Museum where they have some wildlife.
This little fella was in basically a flowerbed in front of the meseum.

A flowering barrel cactus.

I'm fascinated by saguaro skeletons.
Do you see the lizard?

There he is!

Who knew taranulas were so prevelent? This is overhead in a cave you can walk through. This is not part of an enclosed exhibit. He just wandered in here...

Saguaros have so much personality. This one has a belly button (and was about 20' tall).

There are petroglyphs in Saguaro from ancient indian tribes.

Jill actually walked past this sign with me. She stopped at the second one that said to watch for them...

Like a big gnarly hand...

Later today: Sundevil Stadium