September 4, 2007 - The US Open

On our last day in New York, we head back to Flushing Meadows...

The brackets are updated constantly.

We're going to watch this match tonight.

We get our pictures taken with the Williams sisters...

We head over to the Wawrinka/Chela match, one of the best of the tournament.

A co-worker in the stands (from a huge distance - I love this 7x zoom...).

Chela finally gets the upper hand in this well-fought match.

This it is on to some men's doubles...

Final score.

The competitors shake hands, then the victors sign three tennis balls and hit them into the stands.

Jill caught one!!

We're that close to LaGuardia.

Yeah, this outfit attracted some attention...

I thought Bill would appreciate this.

She got some cat-calls from the audience, actually provoking some arguments amongst the spectators.

After the day's session, we wait for them to open up Arthur Ashe.

Finally in...

We picked up tickets from the co-worked I took the picture of before. He happened to have three extra, so we met Damien there.

Tony Bennett showed up for the matches.


...and Serena.

Lil Sis, after the bow incident.

It was a quick match.

Henin being interviewed afterwards.

The next morning, we have breakfast on Times Square one last time...

(We love this city.)

...then fly home from LaGuardia, over Shea STadium

and Flushing Meadows...