September 1, 2007 - UGA Season Opener - Oklahoma State

First order for any good tailgate: after setup, visit Chris and Leigh for Jell-O Shots!

Back to our place, Rich Heidal, our visiting cowboy, taunts us a bit.

The menu.

Tooters for everyone.

Rich and Ali (from Brazil).

After Scott and Anna MILLER (new last name for her) join us, we go check out the bicycle tornado.

I love hot chicks.

Apparently, I love Scott, too.

Rich and Ali.

The dudes.

We met these lost, bored-looking Okie fans in the building next to where we tailgate.
We invited them over.
The kid was cute; reminded me of the one from that Adam Sandler flick.

Rich practices his pedaphilia.



Enjoying their first trip to Sanford Stadium.

Just over a quarter in, we're up 14-7.

Okie State pep band.

9:43 left in the second (basically 5 minutes after the last picture) and UGA has scored again.

We're excited.

Rich at halftime.

The Redcoats.

9:43 left in the third (basically 15 minutes after the last picture) and both teams have scored.
(It took me a while to figure out why I had two pictures from the same time with different scores...)

Rich wants to go home.

4th quarter.
Notice that everyone's arms are forward.

What would prove to be the final score.

That's basically it.

A final shot, and we're off to a quick nap before the airport...