August 17, 2007 - Brazil, Day 7

The last day, we wake up and breakfast at the monkey house.
(This is a real orchid.)

Christi walks up to breakfast with us, cigarette in one hand and beer in the other.

After breakfast and monkey play-time, we hit the beach to watch some surfers and a pick-up soccer game.

Alfredo takes Kelly, Jill, Hyun, Anna, and me downtown to check out some churches.

This is a monestary.

Ornate wooden ceiling.

Lots of gold, like Ecuador.

Alfredo tells the gals about the place.

Fittingly, a St. Francis statue outside.

The next place is the new church.


Check out this ceiling!

Anna takes a picture of the "Tim Burton Francis."
(Well, that's what it looks like!)

Finally, a flag picture.

Alfredo drops the hot Asians at the mall and me/Kelly/Jill at Barracuda, a seafood restaurant on the harbor.

Cool view.

Well, that's it for me/Jill/Kelly.
We fly home.
This is sunset over about Colombia from the plane.

Later: Samba City