August 15, 2007 - Brazil, Day 5B

Those that didn't go to Buzios head a little further south...

It's a sleepy little fishing village between Rio and Sao Paulo.

(Kevin and Aleesa)

Abs boards after a successful snorkel...

(Must be an exciting story...)

Jason, I guess...

At the second spot, Beth and Abigail get to drinking on the floating bar above the dive spot while Kevin and Aleesa dive.

OK, they're done.

Finally up from my first scuba dive, Kelly refreshes me with a nice, cold Skol.

Everyone wants a piece of me!

Our nobel hero scans the horizon for the next death-defying activity.

There was a line there - and Kevin crossed it!

The whole crew enjoys a few brewskis.

Christi makes a friend on the walk back to the dive shop...

Later: Palak's dinner