August 14, 2007 - Brazil, Day 4

Note: links to launch videos are throughout this page

We get to the base of Punta Bonita

We get a crazy Mr. Toad's drunken step-uncle's ride up the mountain and finally see how far we're going to jump...

Kevin and Jason check out the ramp they'll be launching off.

Five of us get ready to go. The other five (Hyun, Jason, Abs, Evan, and cameraman-Kevin) sit under the launch platform and await their fate.

This is the process: we strap ourselves to a pilot, and run across a 30 foot plateau one time to prove we can run, get strapped into the kite, then finally run down the ramp to start the glide.
* * My launch (file info - 14 seconds/24MB *.AVI, 640x480 resolution) * *

The ride lasts about 10 minutes, goes over mountains, high-rises...

...over the water (that's Christo on the highest peak in the background)...

...then land on this beach.
* * Beth's launch (file info - 5 seconds/8MB *.AVI) * *

Beth goes next, then Haley.

Haley gets Mosquito as her pilot.
Mosquito is a gung-ho dude!

I love the shadow on the water.

Haley and Mosquito.
* * Palak's launch (file info - 6 seconds/11MB *.AVI) * *
* * Jill's launch (file info - 7 seconds/14MB *.AVI) * *

Jill goes last for the first group (so, fifth).

Jill goes WAY out over the water...

And is finally down...

I think she liked it...

The first five are down. We have a picture, tell our tale, and wait for the others.

Back up top, Kevin and Hyun are getting excited and share a hug.

Down below, Hyun comes in for her landing, the first of the second group.

Palak lands next.

Then Evan.

Last, Abigail and Mosquito land.

As we land, the sky is full of other fliers.

Later: Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer