August 14, 2007 - Brazil, Morning 4

We wake up to the restocked house. After making caipirinhas all the previous day, these are out replacement limes.

We head into town for 'the big day.'
Rio's harbor...

First order of the day - the gondola up Sugarloaf. We actually meet Kelly here (with Alfredo), but no pictures of the huggy scene...

Looking down at the first stop.
(Sugarloaf has a series of gondolas to take you to the top.)

There's the man that overlooks Rio.

Christ protecting the harbor.

Finally at the top, Haley poses in front of Christo Redentor.

OK, we all pose here.

The four guys.

The view all around is awesome.

Check this out: domestic flights have to circle through the city...

...and curve around...

...and curve around... land here.

As we move on, Kevin tries to sleep.
Christi doesn't.

Later: hang gliding!