August 13, 2007 - Brazil, Night 3

Back at the lower house after some beach time, Abs and Jason kick back some drinks by the pool.

Ah, the lovely ladies, poolside.

Jason with the triumphant Palak, who finally has her mangoes from the tree in the front yard.

No smoking in bed, sweetie!

Jill and Haley

Adorable Christi with a frozen concoction.

We're probably reading some girly mag. Who knows...
All I know is I'm enjoying it.

Christi, sillhouetted by the front windows.

Haley wants a caipirinha.

Kevin obliges...

Palak decides to see if she can fit inside the table.

Ali, Haley, and Beth smile in front of the caipirinha supplies.

Meanwhile, the gals of the upper house get dolled-up.

Palak, Jill, Christi, and I take a walk around the grounds with Haley (taking the picture).

There's Haley!

Beth and Hyun hang out before dinner...

Gals getting their drink on...

And here's where the magic happens...
Kevin carves up every piece of indigenous fruit we have in the house (and we have a lot) to mix with cacha, rum, and/or vodka.

Abs and the Panasian contingent show off their Batusi.

We have some folks come cook us dinner.
This is a dorado. (Took a while to get that out of the crew.)
Dinner was so fantastic, no one took pictures, but it was like having Fogo de Chao in your beach house!

Palak, Abigail, and Jill grind it out after dinner.

The music turns up...

...and the shindig gets into full swing.

The guys do the Whip It Dance.
Evan plays the part of Rich.

Anna shows us how she does it.

Jason tosses Palak basically all over the place.

Tomorrow: the big day