August 13, 2007 - Brazil, Day 3

The folks at the upper house wake up first and head down to the ocean.
Still having breakfast, we can see them from our place.

Christi, Ali, and Kevin trek to the beach.

Ali's view from her beach towel.

Christi and Abigail enjoy the sun.

(no comment)

Some of the other houses on the hill at Itacotiara.

The water is pretty rough. We basically stick to the sand.

Kyle and Abs.

Hot Asians.

Hot Asian and Caucasian.

Sweet "Anna Dolce" dances in the tide.

Looking back toward the rocks, you can watch the cloud spill over the moutain. It is a very neat effect that occurred basically every morning.

Finally, the lower house descends on the beach...

Ali, Beth, Christi, Abs, and Kyle.

Jill and I basically hang out on the rocks the whole time.
The scene is remeniscent of
Pemequid Point, Maine

A manly profile stands sentinel over the rough waters and hillside villas.

We're mesmorized by the water for hours.


Aleesa meanders on the rocks.

Evan returns some beers to the waters from which it came.

Jill and Palak hang out on the rocks...

Actually, Jason, (me), Jill, Palak, and Beth enjoy the water.

Jill, Haley, Palak, and Beth.

Swallow-tail kites circle over Rio constantly, riding the thermals.

Anna leaves her mark on the sand...

Later: the house party.