August 12, 2007 - Brazil, Day 2

The next morning, we head out to Ipanema.
Kevin and half the chicks head to one restaurant.
I escort most of the other half to another. (No pictures.)

After perusing a hippie market, we head to the beach.

Within minutes, Kevin and Christi are drinking.
While that's no surprise, the fact that they're sharing a coconut and cacha is a little unusual.

Abs, Beth, and Haly enjoy their Skols, a local beer similar to a slightly sweet High Life.

Ali and Abigail get into the coconut-sharing action.

The spray from the surf blows towards the high-rises of Ipanema.

Its actually a little chilly - fortunately the only such day we had.

Evan holds my beer as we dip our toes into the water.
Appropriate beer - "Arctic."

The surf is entertaining.

Abigail and Christi pose on some Portugese sign we can't read.


A little wind-blown, but still hot.

We start the 4 blocks down to a particular bar, but have to stop on the way for a few drinks and a soccer game.

Finally, to the Velaoo bar, where 'The Girl From Ipanema' is incorrectly attributed to have been written.
It was actually written for a musical. Oh well.
Here's a sample, courtesy of

Another round.

There's Aleesa!

Ali and Christi.

We get back from the day out on the town and Palak makes us a nice Italian dinner.

Arial view...

Tomorrow: house party.