August 11, 2007 - Brazil, Night 1

After dinner, we head out to Mistura Carioca.

Hyun, Haley, and Aleesa.

Kevin shows Claudia how to dance like an American.
(She's not particularly interested.)

Jason and Abs cut a rug.

Now, this is a salsa club, so the locals don't seem to appreciate our dancy style.
1) We take up a lot of room, whereas they can pack the floor pretty thoroughly.
2) We move our arms. They're more legs/feet.

Everyone having fun...

View from above...

I show Hyun a shag/swing hybrid.

At least Kevin is enjoying himself.

Seeing Jason again reminds Kevin of his more experimental days.

Aleesa with her Brazilian man.

Kevin thinks about his experimental times while Jason takes out his frustration on a cocktail stirrer.

Haley and Abigail.

Abigail wants none of Kevin's rump.
At least Haley is amused.

Hyun, Aleesa, and Haley.

I'm enjoying this.

Jason and Hyun.

There's a cute couple...

OK, you're cute, too. Now stop looking at me.

Abigail makes friends with the locals. does Haley.

Tomorrow morning: the hippie market in Ipanema.