August 11-18, 2007 - Brazil houses (lower house)

Interactive experiences:
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the houses:
The lower house is distinct as having the round pool. The upper, "monkey house" is the highest house on the north side of the road.

the neighborhood:
Itacotiara is just north of Niteroi, a northern burb.

the metro area:
Rio has a fantastic harbor, listed as one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

the region:
the state of Rio di Janeiro encompasses much of the prime real estate just south of South America's nipple.

the country:
the largest country in South America, only Peru and Chile do not border Brazil.

the world:
For perspecitve, with a 9.5 hour direct flight away, Rio is further than the Norway, Germany, Italy, and Hawaii.
Rio is about as far as Fairbanks, Alaska and Dubrovnik, Croatia.