August 11-18, 2007 - Brazil cast


Abigail, the travel agent - known her for years, Jason's wife and one of the core dancing crew from our wedding. It was her wedding in Italy that started this potentially annual friends' trip.

Aleesa, navigator - a friend of Palak's and now a friend of ours. She was Palak's roomate in San Fran at one point...

Ali, the photographer - we knew her before as a member of the Brookhaven/Midtown/Cabbagetown crew, this was our first real chance to get to know her.

Anna, hot Asian #1 - almost didn't make the trip because of a passport snafu in New York. We met Anna in Italy last year. Abigail wants Kevin to marry Anna (so that she'd have to move to the U.S.). Anna just wants to get another master's degree here. Unfortunately, DiPetrillo University registrar [Brooke] doesn't see any openings at that shcool.

Beth, the organizer - We'd seen around for years, but really got to know her well in Italy.

Christi, the decadent - Abs/Jason's next-door-neighbor, we traditionally only got to see her in Cabbagetown - and never without a drink and/or cigarette in hand. Christi is a firm believer in 'shark tonic' sexy Italian genes.

Evan, the lover - [you should all know] was my best friend in high school. Bright the term "gentile watching" to our family (referring to his Jewish family tradition of going out looking at Christmas lights).

Haley, the ever-smiling - one of the ITP (inside the perimeter) crew along with most of these characters, she's been at pig roasts and stuff, but I don't know if I have prior pictures...

Hyun, hot Asian #2 - flew in from Tokyo, She's a friend of Anna's (we met in Italy at Jason/Abs' wedding last year). Anna got held up in NYC and Hyun came on to Brazil, not knowing any of us.
It was OK, because we're nice - and she's hot.

Kelly, the sweetheart - flew in on a moment's notice, stayed for a few days, hugged everyone a lot, and flew home with me/Jill.

Kevin, the cruise director - [you should also all know] was a and .

Kyle, thr trooper - Evan's girlfriend (with whom we went to Chastain to see Tony Bennett).

Jason, the michevious monkey - [you should know] a roommate from college, Jason played Jane Goodall to the marmosets' in the mist.

Jill, the dancer - you know.

Palak, the chef - a good friend and former co-worker, Palak flew in from S.F., cooked Indian for us ALL one night, and posed for SI Swimsuit photos on the Buzios, though you won't see many of those pics. (This is a family site.)

Scott, the pimp - I was in the house with 7 gals. Oh yeah! Thanks, Abs!!

Cameos by (in order of appearance):

Steve, the owner - former Microsoft employee who fell in love with Brazil while on vacation and bought a house, we tried to fit the word "stapler" casually into conversations with this darling, big-hearted man.

Fernanda, the office manager - occassionally wears her shirt backwards, Fernanda and Steve filled in for the AWOL hospitality manager. We were broken-hearted when we found out she was not our maid.

Silvana, maid #1 - cooked us huge breakfast, did our laundry, and like Fernanda, couldn't speak a damn-lick of English.
[not pictured] Rosario, the bus driver - seemed to take forever to drive, but I got to hand it to her, she always knew where she was going and successfully navigated the crazy streets of Rio.
[not pictured] Claudia, the local guide - worthless, she just sat in the van the last time we used her.
[not pictured] Misseuse #1, the seductress - good friend of Christi.

Alfredo, the savior - drove various little cars, Alfredo picked up the stragglers from the airport, met us wherever we were in Brazil with the late-comers, knew everyone in the country, and generally saved our butts daily.

Christ, the Redeemer - playing himself
[not pictured] Mad Tour Guide #1, the frantic - thankfully not pictured, this crazy bee-yatch, well, isn't worth going into...
[not pictured] Police/Groper #1, the tainter/cupper/jiggler - story on the scuba day
[not pictured] Police/Groper #2, standing by - see groper #1
[not pictured] Police/Groper #3, standing by - see groper #1