July 18, 2007 - Driving the Mid-Atlantic Coast (NC=>PA)

Starting from the Outer Banks of North Carolina (Jockey's Ridge pictured)...

I head north towards Philly for work. (The 6 hour drive was going to be much faster than connecting in ATL.)
Currituck County: home of Grave Digger.

Mucho corn fields.

An hour into the drive, I'm in state #2 - Virginia.

Then through Virginia Beach to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, which starts (as the name says) with a long bridge.

Then see the break in the bridge?!?

Tunnel #1.

Bridge #2.

Tunnel #2.

Bridge #3.

On Virginia's Eastern Shore.

To Maryland, where I stopped to have a crab cake dinner.
After dinner, it was dark, but I drove the entire north-south length of Delaware. It's longer than it looks.
I end seven hours later, just over the border in Concordville, PA.

A strange sign I saw on the way...