July 15-18, 2007 - Kittyhawk XXIX

Eulalia reads to the twins.

Kelsey drawing.

Tommy tells Kelsey how to draw a train.
No, I honestly have no idea which twin this is, but I'm tired of not knowing, so I'm just going to assign a name.
You OK with that? I am.

Mr. Sean and I match, so I needed a picture.

Meet Laura Scheri.

Wayne snoozes while holding Elliot.

Laura takes a nap, too.

Jill enjoys Laura.

Jill and I rent bikes and ride about 11 miles south to the end of the road where we can see Bodie Island Light averaging about 12 miles/hour. We ride back faster.

The next day we take a shorter 15 mile ride past the Wright Memorial.

The light in the middle of the James River on the way to take Jill back to the airport.

I get to hold Sean.

An exhausted Terri naps with Laura.

Mom and Aunt Martha help Kelsey, Chris, and Tommy with their art projects.

That night, a unicycler braves the beach road traffic to bring to us highlights of the Scottish Highlands.

Amazingly, no kids cried.

Sean and his black beans..

He loves 'em!

He gets a whole can!

The group (sans Jill, but plus Randy).